If you’re not following Gong’s content online you should start. The thing I love about what they share is the data doesn’t lie. They take thousands of sales calls and identify what works and what doesn’t. This is a repost that’s worth coming back for.

Stop making these 7 horrifying sales call mistakes:

1. Feature dumping – The video shows compelling data: a direct correlation between features dumping and declining win rates

2. “Steamrolling” objections – Great salespeople respond to objections with QUESTIONS

3. Asking annoying questions – Stop asking questions that are out of tune with your buyer

4. Not earning the right to ask questions – Use a “discovery prompter” to earn the right

5. One-size-fits-all social proof – TARGET your customer stories

6. Giving senior executive “discovery fatigue” – stop asking them your generic line of questioning

7. “Grand finale” product demos – Stop saving “the best for the last”

Which ones have you heard? Share with the team.

Original post by Chris Orlob at Gong.io

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