People Perform According to How They Are Paid

Everyone Has a Number . Recently I had a conversation with the CEO of a large media/advertising company. We talked about using compensation plans as a way to build confidence and trust between the company and employee. Brief synopsis (cliff notes version) below: People are motivated by different things. As leaders within a company – we need to realize this to get the best out…

Updated: Top 13 SaaS Podcasts For a First-Time VP of Sales

As a newly minted Stretch VP of Sales, you’re starving for more content, insights and advice from others that have paved that same path. Also – as a podcast junkie – you crave content you can consume on the road, on the run and in the air. I do to. So… Hoping this can be a resource for others in similar situations, I thought I’d…

Stretch VP To-Do List: Everything You Have to Do as a New VP of Sales

Often, you’ll be overwhelmed with everything you need to do as you focus on driving ARR. The never ending to-do list can be daunting sometimes. The faster you grow, the faster you can hire more people to help you with each task below. But in order to grow, you’re going to be swamped at first. Here’s a brief, and yet non-exclusive list as you take on your new role as VP of Sales.

Intro to Stretch VP

Lemkin references a term called “Stretch VP” quite a bit and that immediately resonated with me. I decided to own it. I’m a Stretch VP.