Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Its no secret that times are weird right now. Nuts.

Lots of businesses are struggling to survive. Unemployment is at record levels. From what I can gather – history hasn’t seen this since the\ Great Depression of 1929.

Not trying to be insensitive or tone deaf. There is real struggle and its difficult for many. But I’m a believer that positivity breeds success.

So…where do we look for a glimmer of hope?

Who’s having success right now?

What can we learn from others that are thriving in the face of a global pandemic?

Besides sanitizer and toilet paper, I’m hearing motorcycles, mountain bikes and RVs are all selling like CRAZY during COVID.

But let’s take a look at some other examples (I’m sure I’m missing many) of success:


Amazon hiring 100,000 new distribution workers to keep up with online orders.

Netflix added 16 Million subscribers between January and March and double its profit.

Zoom hits record high!

Microsoft has seen strong demand which leads to brilliant quarter.

Nintendo has sold out its Switch and Switch Lite consoles everywhere and reported a 41% surge in profit also in part by its newest game: Animal Crossing.

The list of successful companies goes on and on. Companies like Talkspace, Guru, Cameyo, are turning down VC funding because business is so good.

THESE 85 Enterprise Tech Companies and THIS LIST of 54 companies are actively hiring right now.


Take a look at this TrustRadius report showing the Top Rising Software Categories since COVID-19 Began!

This report from Fast Company and others shows us a few more interesting things:

  • Grocery (up 123% with Walmart and others hiring like crazy)
  • Guns and Ammo (+269%)
  • Butchers (+100%)
  • Order out restaurants (Chicken Wings and Pizza!) and Delivery Services like Instacart, Doordash…
  • Fitness equipment . Dumbells and other fitness products have flown off the shelves at Walmart and other local retailers according to (this Fox News report).

According to Groupon, Alcohol delivery (+2444%), Trampoline Sales (+1749%), Fitness Equipment (+4803%) and Home Improvement (+7036%) all killing it right now online.

Other categories of companies succeeding right now include:

CBD, Vape, Tobacco stores (online and offline)

eCom is crushing it. (Dave Gerhardt with Privy said so himself)

And…Wayfair’s stock SOARS

Martech/SaaS companies seeing lift

I’ve personally talked to two VPs and a C Level Exec at well recognized SaaS companies in the MarTech space (selling into marketing) and in each case – they all are seeing a lift in leads, deals created and deals won.

So what?

As Sales Leaders in Saas, we can learn a few things from the above examples.

1. Target.

Fish where the fish are. Skate where the puck will be. Build your own analogy here.

How can you re-purpose or re-invent messaging to position and pitch your SaaS solution to these companies and industries that are crushing it right now?

How does your solution add value and/or help them right now?

Are you selling to them already?

Tools like LeadIQ and can be a great way to build and discover a new fishing hole. Use the above lists and links to assemble a new target list of companies that are hiring, growing and thriving in the current climate.

2. Adapt.

I’ve seen more pivots and new product launches in a more condensed amount of time than I can remember.

Everywhere I go I see stories of companies adapting and pivoting with success. First hand, I’ve experienced:

  • Online fitness and cooking classes via Zoom
  • Youth soccer and basketball training courses delivered online and in digital format where before required a physical team practice
  • Popular “Dine-in Only” restaurants rope off sections of the parking lot to offer a makeshift and efficient “Drive -Through Delivery and Take Out” experience.
  • SaaS companies like Atlassian, Okta, Tableau, Qualtrics and others are expanding freemium options and models to offer more

How can you adapt your content strategy or sales process to win here?

At LinkTrust , we’ve seen some great results by tweaking a few things to make it easier to get started, pay and adopt our software.

The plan is to invest in those relationships now and harvest later. The fun part however is – the harvesting is happening much sooner than anticipated.

3. Keep working.

To quote Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park – Life finds a way.

You got this. Keep working, keep grinding, keep selling.