VPs of Sales don’t last very long. I’ve heard this before and seen this with my own eyes. *Spoiler – there’s hope. Read on.

Jake Dunlap mentioned that he thinks there’s a 0.00% chance they’ll make it 4 years (at a startup) : Jake Dunlap on LinkedIn:
Aaron Ross points out that VP of Sales in early stage companies averages just 18 Months!! VP Sales – The #1 Mis-Hire + 5 Things A Great VP Sales Does
And Jason Lemkin goes further by saying 70% of first-time VPs of Sales (Stretch VPs) don’t even make it past a year. How to Succeed as a First-Time VP of Sales.

Now – considering various reports like this one from Failory saying that 90% of startups fail – a 30% success rate for VP of Sales seems like a bet I’d be willing to take!

Thankfully – despite all the doomsday soothsaying going around – I’ve got to believe that the stories and failures Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin provide also give us the benefit of hindsight and experience. In fact each of those articles above list powerful tips and insights into how to buck the trend.

Its not all doom and gloom when you have others that have paved the way. After all…

“The segments blazed by the Donners into what became Salt Lake City were followed in large part by the Mormon pioneer companies of 1847 and became a major thoroughfare to the metropolis.”Trails across Wyoming: The Oregon, Mormon Pioneer and California Routes | WyoHistory.org

Any VP of Sales that has successfully bucked the trend? We’d love to hear from you and learn from your experience. Shoot us a note HERE.

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