Thats the number of weeks I’ve sent out a Stretch VP Weekly Newsletter.

Its funny – I started this to share whatever content and learnings I gleaned from sales leaders I follow and look up to. I thought if I was learning, there may be other sales leaders (or aspiring leaders) that may also find these insights valuable.

Its turned into something that kind of scares me. Here’s why:

1️⃣ Over the past 12 weeks, I’ve had some late nights compiling all the insights I’ve bookmarked and saved the previous week.

Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. “Am I going to be doing this each week – FOREVER?” 😬 (I try not to think about that too much)

2️⃣ I’m not an expert. I’m not MJ. Not even Scottie Pippen. (Maybe a solid John Paxson?) 🤪 However, I feel like I’m learning from some of the best. And the kind, appreciative messages I’ve received makes it worth it.

As I’ve contemplated on what to continue to include and curate in the newsletter, I thought it’d be interesting to see which content has been the most popular the past 12 weeks.

Thanks for your patience as I’m figuring this out. I’ve learned a ton and hope you have as well. I’ve got some awesome content ready to go the next few weeks.

Most Popular Content by Clicks

#1: Never Mistake Activity for Achievement

#2: 2x4s, Paper Clips and Jim Thorpe

#3: B2B Sales Playbook for VPs of Sales

Most Popular Newsletters by Views

#1Shipwrecked Leadership and SDR Strategies

#2: Perseverance, Grit and Overcoming Adversity

#3: Success!

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Most Viewed Content Per Week

Thanks for reading!

My hope is if you find this valuable, consider sharing it with friends (or signing up if you haven’t already).

— Grant 👋